Our story

A transformative journey

When asked by friends about the ingredients in her herbal teas during dinners she hosted, Aline, the founder of Hachichit Albé, would playfully respond with "hachich" (Arabic for weed). This witty answer would elicit surprised expressions and intrigued looks. With a warm smile, she would then say, "hachichit albé" (Arabic for “the herbs of my heart”), expressing her deep affection for nature and the people around her.
Indeed, Aline had undergone a transformative journey thanks to the herbs she found in abundance in the rich forests of Mount Lebanon. Over a period of weeks, she discovered the healing properties of nature via natural tea drinking, which helped her overcome health problems that had required synthetic medication for over 25 years of her life.
And so, the Tea Mama was inspired to establish Hachichit Albé in 2018 and share this unique concept to promote a lifestyle of greater wellbeing with nature’s help, one cup of tea at a time.

A concept is born

We offer 117 carefully selected herb species, blended to create diverse assortments for various uses. Our unique approach involves using sterilized cotton tea bags suspended on antibacterial bay sticks, labeled with uplifting Lebanese mottos, and stored in 100% eco-friendly and reusable packaging.
Unlike most tea and herb blends on the market, ours have no added aromas, flavors, or preservatives. Our collection is organized into six categories that promote a healthy and relaxing lifestyle. Each blend is infused with the goodness of natural herbs, providing an exquisite flavor profile.
We take pride in our worldwide delivery service, providing a unique tea experience along with valuable information about the blends you order. You can browse our collections here.

The teahouse

After a successful experiment in 2018 with a teahouse in the Mount Lebanon town of Beit Meri, Hachichit Albé reopened a teahouse in the Gemmayzeh district of Beriut, Lebanon, in 2022.
The teahouse brings forward our various tea collections and offers a fresh and healthy menu that incorporates many of our blends in the food items.
This calm space aims to offer tea lovers and curious minds an escape from the busy world and a window into a more peaceful and healthier lifestyle.

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