Picking and Drying

Experimenting with medicinal herbs since 2017, and thriving for quality in our cup, Hachichit Albé’s quest led us from our home garden and the surrounding forests, to expand and include accredited organic local and global herb farms.

Wide Variety

Today, 108 herbs and spices are mindfully embraced without any additive or flavoring except passion and care, all blended in 6 different categories that support a healthy living.

All are:

• Organic
• Antibacterial
• Naturally Unflavored
• Carefully Researched
• Tastefully Blended
• Generously Merged

Cleaning our Herbs

bay soap

62 species are imported from the cleanest sources available, with organic certifications, and 46 are home adopted green by the tea mama. With her team, she does the picking, cleaning and drying, to present you with the best quality of heart filled blends. 

Organic Bay

Loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, and iron, the most impressive health benefits of bay leaves include their ability to detoxify the body, slow the aging process, speed wound healing, protect the body from bacterial infections, manage diabetes, improve heart health, reduce inflammation, alleviate respiratory issues, optimize digestion, prevent certain types of cancer, and relieve from stress and anxiety.

The wood sticks holding your teabags, as well as the leaves covering your tea collections, are the true Bay, scientifically known as Laurus Nobilis or Laurel.

Handpicked and cleaned with organic Bay soap, they can both be used to preserve your seed jars, enrich your cooking, chew on during the day, and burn in your incense burner, as this can help in cleaning up your space, and soothing your mind. You can reuse your blend pockets to save them the hachichit albé way…

Our Signature Cotton Teabag

Hachichit Albé created an exclusive concept that for the past four years have been impressing the tea market: a clean handcrafted sterilized cotton teabag hanging to an antibacterial bay stick, that you can use as a spoon, put in a seed jar to preserve its content, or chew on during the day for a fresh breath and a healthy oral hygiene.

The First Teabag - 2017

our first teabag

Loaded with pure unflavored hand picked organic herbs, fruits and spices, you will surely find yourself adding water to your teabag more than once. Some tea lovers reported preserving their teabag in a glass container after use, putting in the fridge for the day after; an excellent choice to prolong your wellness journey, melt your heart with your body fat, and alkalize your existence!

Every teabag comes with:

  • A Lebanese fortune tag to lift up your mood
  • Brewing directions
  • Written benefits of its content with more colored dots that link you to a wider Blend Benefits List, to bring forth consciousness and a better understanding of nature’s remarkable impact on our wellbeing and lifestyle.


All our teabags are:

• Aluminum free
• 100% cotton
• Sterilized
• Hand crafted
• Reusable
• Can be up-cycled as  seed planters
• Recyclable

Our Loose Leaf

Hand Crafted by rural Lebanese women, food safe, unbleached and eco-friendly pockets, of Loose Leaf herbs, that we at Hachichit Albé gathered for you from the cleanest sources, and hand picked a few, then blended them in 36 different blends for a full body replenishment.

Each Loose Leaf Pocket brews more than 20 cups of tea or herbal respectively.
For the best health results, each serving can be infused more than once.
With each Loose Leaf Pocket:

• Brewing Directions
• Best Time To Enjoy
• Healing Properties
• 1 Fortune tag


Set the example for your loved ones by gaining a good habit of always drinking teas and herbals, adding minerals and vitamins to your diet, through a cup of spring water.

Research still shows that this can help in strengthening your heart, building immunity, and inducing cell regeneration, insuring a healthy gut and other body organs, a good digestive system, a better hygiene and a blissful lifestyle of replenishment. Convinced? It’s true! Try it out!