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Flu Away
Flu Away
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Flu Away

Tea bag gift box

Box of 12 cotton tea bags for more than 24 cups

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12 signature tea bags on bay sticks that serve more than 24 cups or 12 pots of tea.

The special taste of elderflower gives us a feel of a different dimension, where the unicorns drink Berry leaves and stay immune to cold.

Ingredients: Elderflower / Elderberry / Mulberry leaf / Raspberry leaf

Main Benefits:
- Antioxidant - Lowering risk of some cancers – Immunity
- Anxiety & stress relief
- Cold, cough & flu relief
- Women’s health – Menstruation, menopause & hot flushes

Other Benefits:
- Antibacterial – Breath & cavity control
- Blood detox
- Cardiovascular health & weight Loss – Fat & cholesterol control
- Diabetes
- Elderly & child friendly
- Insomnia prevention
- Intestinal disorder regulation
- Muscle cramp relief – Anti- inflammatory

Packed in a beautiful 100% ecofriendly gift box that makes a great present for special occasions and dinner invitations, and consists of:
• 12 cotton tea bags on a bay stick
• Blend benefits list
• Suggested guideline
• Gift of 15g bay Laurel leaves
• Reusable tea box/ tissue box

Brewing directions:
Can be infused: 2 times
Serving: 1 tea bag or 1 tsp loose leaf per cup
Fresh water: 200ml

Steeping time:
Infusion 1: 8 min
Infusion 2: 12 min

Best time to enjoy: Whenever you feel like relaxing or sleeping

Iced tea recipe:
Brew 30 seconds 1 tablespoon or 1 tea bag / cup
Refrigerate for 12 hours
Strain & add on ice
Sweeten to taste

Weight: 150g

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